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Dr. Miro Stammbuck

Dr. Stammbuck is an experienced ophthalmologist that has been dealing with laser eye treatments on the retina enthusiastically since 1975. The positive consequence of his commitment was that he introduced the groundbreaking method of dioptric correction with a laser in 1990.

While pioneering into refractive laser surgery, Dr. Stammbuck gathered valuable insight and experience right at the beginning of this new revolutionary ophthalmologic development. The information gained was gratefully picked up on by various excimer laser manufacturers and used to complement their designs. Among other things, several devices from a variety of manufacturers were tested and evaluated by him before being produced.

It is exactly because of this that he was confident enough to be the first to perform several live operations in 1998 that were broadcast via the Internet. This broadcast was followed with great interest in professional circles all over the world.

He always uses his many years of experience to benefit his patients and deals with operations sustainably with the newest international developments. As a specialist, he is well sought after and has active contact to colleagues around the world.

American Academy of Ophthalmology
European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons
Professional Association of German Ophthalmologists

Dr. Stammbuck
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